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Weddings planning

 Ablak bezárása / Vetítés indítása

Everything begins with our first cup of tea and the first bite of cake, when I first meet with the new couple.
We talk a lot and get to know each other. We talk about how if the bride closes her eyes, what kind of wedding appears on the movie screen of her imagination?
It’s not so hard, is it? At first, we only imagine it. Then we look into it further, to see what could make this movie truly exciting. We fly off a bit, we gather ideas. This is how we develop the style of the wedding, and perhaps also its theme.

I really like these initial conversations. They have all the excitement of getting to know a new person and of a professional challenge.

Once what we want has taken shape, then it’s time for the numbers.
We choose those service providers who are best suited to the personalities, budget, and expectations of the bride and groom. We don’t work for a commission from service providers, so we can credibly represent the client couples. Our main goal is to protect the client’s interests in all circumstances, using our 5 years of experience, and to offer professional expert support when making arrangements for that wonderful day.
We are able to plan a limited number of weddings each year. To us, quality is much more important than quantity.

On the wedding day, my colleagues and I will be the first to arrive and the last to leave the reception site. I am the client couple’s ambassador, so I carefully keep to the schedules and expectations that have been discussed several times with the service providers, with every detail painstakingly worked out. I know that at the wedding site my colleagues and I are the bosses and that we always carry out our client’s wishes. Many little details are woven together to become a wedding that offers security and an enjoyable time to the bride and groom and their guests.

Liza’s wedding coordination and full-range wedding planning service includes the following elements:

-    Preparation of a custom-tailored wedding budget, taking into account the client’s tastes and financial options.
-    Preparation of a mapped-out, comprehensive list of deadlines containing each individual’s responsibilities and goals for each month.
-    Assistance in developing a comprehensive design and theme.
-    Presentation of an unlimited number of event sites and service providers, including appointment setting and visits for viewing. Arranging appointments with the service providers chosen, participation in negotiations. Preparation of contracts for signing, so that they are to the client’s advantage.
-    Personal assistance in designing suitable invitations, monograms, and other printed materials.
-    Continuous contact with clients as the wedding planning process tasks are carried out. An unlimited number of personal meetings is possible, with additional telephone and daily email contact.
-    Preparation of lodging for guests arriving from the countryside or abroad (welcome package planning and creation), Coordination of guest transportation. If needed, recommendations for child care services, planning of excursions for guests visiting for several days, etc..……..

Part of full-range wedding planning is the following “A month beforehand” service, as well.

Liza’s “A month beforehand” wedding coordination service:

- A minimum of 3 personal meetings with the bride and groom, primarily to discuss the details of the ceremony and the reception. A visit to the event site, agreeing on all the details with the site staff. Preparation of written reminders. Scheduling the arrival times of service providers, reminder phone calls 2 week, 1 week, 3 days, and 1 day ahead of time to all the service providers.

- Preparation of the script for the wedding day, which contains service providers’ arrival and the exact script with their responsibilities, and the times their work should be completed, handed over, and disassembled at the end of the event. Also, the day’s script for the bride and groom, special relatives and friends.

-    Arrangements for the pre-wedding family dinner or rehearsal dinner. Program recommendations. Coordination, as needed.
-    Preparation of informational packages for guests. (maps, good restaurants, transportation options, things to do, telephone numbers of the wedding planners)
-    Welcome packages prepared in the hotel rooms.

-    If they are needed for the wedding, continuous contact with security personnel.

-    Complete coordination of the wedding ceremony and the reception. The coordinator is a precise person whom the bride and groom can rely on to make sure that they will be able to enjoy this beautiful day without unnecessary stress.

-    Arrangements for departure of guests.

Each wedding is unique and never to be repeated, so please contact our office for our offer. Without knowing our client’s exact needs, we unfortunately cannot offer a price quote.

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